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(By the way, the avatar for this post was meant with complete irony: Charlie's a genious. Me...especally today...not so much. :P)

I come to post this afternoon feeling like an extreme idiot. An extremely pained idiot… Today started out lovely—sunny, warm, but not so warm that our beautiful snow would melt. Very nice out. And, my sister and I were going with our mom to a brunch and ladies’ get-together with some of the women from our church, and after that meeting the boys in town to see a movie (“The Ultimate Gift”—coincidently, it was a wonderful movie, I would highly recommend). All in all, it was looking to be a fun day. And then I left my bedroom. Yes, be afraid, be very afraid… 

That allergic reaction I was previously griping about started going away a while ago. But, it would appear, my heels have decided not only are they allergic to my favorite pair of shoes (the ones I’ve worn for years without consequence), but they are currently not comfortable in any shoe at ALL. Except a pair of completely impractical backless ones. Alright, so I get kind of wet walking through snowdrifts…I can handle that. At least I’m not itching like crazy anymore.


Still, the day was looking fun. Cami (my sis) and I baked some coffee-cake for the brunch, and we were all set to go.  We took off…and realized ten minutes later that I’d forgotten the coffee-cake on our way out. We went back. We were going to be late. Already embarrassed, I decided I’d better rush to retrieve the coffee-cake. I ran in and grabbed it, locked the door like a good girl—this day’s still not irreparable—and start back towards the van, running down our driveway-on-a-hill…our extremely icy driveway-on-a-hill…in my impractical traction-less shoes…


Now, my mom did warn me that things were icy, and I did plan on stopping before that ice-patch. I miss-judged, and now have a wonderful, extremely swollen ankle. Man was I embarrassed, limping around the movie theater. *winces* I’ve been nick-named (ever so fondly, I’m sure) “Gimpy” by mom, who was nice enough only to say “I told you so” once.


Pity for a painful sprain would be really nice about now, if it weren’t for the fact that I feel like such a moron, and wish my limp wasn’t so conspicuous... C’mon, I’ve lived in “ice-land” since I was born, I should really know better by now. *headdesk* *headwall* *palmforehead* (--and all those other good expressions of self-exasperation) 


Well, despite that little mishap, and the resulting pain, it WAS a fun day. I’m not going to do any more running on ice, though. Probably won’t be doing much more than limping anywhere, any time soon, as a matter of fact…


The ironic thing is, there’s a chapter coming up in “The Weight of Power”, where I have a character sprain his/her ankle. Maybe this is some kind of Muse-orchestrated revenge. *vaguely remembers hearing Muse chanting “run, run, run” in her ear at the time of the accident* *considers* I must admit, having so freshly experienced the pain myself, I’m beginning to think that was rather cruel of me to treat my character thus. *guiltily hands glaring Anonymous character a bar of chocolate* My sincere apologies.   


*gimps off in quest of some dark chocolate for herself and to search for an angsty fic or two*         

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