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Ick. The cold is still clinging. Seems to be going in this fun cycle: bad cough, sore throat, congestion, congestion/bad cough/sore throat--all together now! :P *weezesnifflemoan*

Anyways. We're leaving (again), to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where my dad gets his required annual  medical training.  The rest of us just tag along and spend the day shopping around town, getting lost, and generally having fun. :) Although, usually, we have to also do our state testing there (required by the state until you're 16), this is the first year none of us have to, since Eric's turned 16 now. (The state doesn't care if you're over 16 and stupid. *g* Not that passing those tests really proved you're all that smart...)  This time our goal is to shop until we find living room furniture. *groan* Amazing how many different tastes in furniture five people in the same family can have. LOL. Our living room has been doubling as a storage room for too long, though, so I hope we find something. What I'm REALLY looking forward to about this trip, is that the hotel we traditionally stay at has the SciFi channel... *bg*

The tree studio is really coming along! Eric's been taking lots of pictures, too, so I'll have post some on here when I get back. I've been up there several times, now, and it is going to be awesome. Of course, I'm really having to work on getting rid of any lingering fear of heights! The tree is located on the side of the hill, so one one side it's not too far down, but on the other side it's nearly 20 feet straight down, and just keeps on sloping all the way down to the stream below. Yup. I'm working on my previously undiscovered acrophobia... Once the boys get the railing up, I think I'll be able to enjoy the view with a little less vertigo. ;)

Ta for now!

P.S. Thank God seems to be up and running again! Hopefully, updates for The Weight of Power should be more reliable now (but I won''t be posting until after I get back from Mayo, in a little less than a week). For those of you who still haven't recieved the alert: chapter 11 is up. ;)

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