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*crawls out of her comfy Introvert Hole* Hullo world!  =D 

Karate continues to be brutal, but I think I may survive the experience. Maybe. Yesterday, we spent most of the lesson learning self-defense moves (specifically, what to do if someone bigger and stronger grabbed you by the wrists or arms), and the first suggestion the teacher had was to spit in their face. Hehe, this is one I wouldn’t mind testing out on Eric (along with foot-stomping, screaming, and kneeing him)… No, honestly, I lurv my little brother. I do. *bg*

Switching to the next random thought… I dreamt up a story last night. Literally, that is. Right now, I’m really have trouble sorting out exactly how much of it I really, honest-to-God dreamt, and how much of it I half-made-up while I was half-asleep in the shower (pre-coffee, ya know). I still can’t decide if the whole story idea is simply lame, a subconscious echo of some Robin Hood/Ivanhoe/George McDonald story crossover idea (with a little bit of wacky Nef-ishness thrown in for good measure), or if it is just not worth all the time I’ve spent pondering it. Or maybe…it’s BLOODY BRILLIANT! Mwahaha. Right…probably a little bit of first three and none of the last. (And obviously I’ve been watching too much SGA lately, ‘cause I’m starting to talk like Carson Beckett… =P ) But it’s fun, so who cares! I love dreams, and if nothing else, this was a really fun one to dream.I remember the whole ordeal feeling very angsty and dramatic. And for some reason I seemed to “be” the self-sacrificing, heroic Captain of the Guard type character—go figure. And Cami was the equally heroic Prince (for whom said Captain was doing the self-sacrificing). Don’t ask me how that all works out, since both characters were male. It’s hard to explain, but it was really more like I was just seeing things through that character’s point of view, and I had the kind of sibling affection for the Prince in the story that I have for Cami in RL. Yeah, not exactly coherent, I know… O_o 

I think I’ve settled on filing it away in my plot-bunny folder, and waiting to see how it develops, or if it develops. The technicalities would hard to sort out, because although it really had more of an medieval England feel to it, rather than  fantasy, it certainly wasn’t historical… At any rate, it was fun. I would SO like to go back to sleep to night, and start back up right where it left of. “God, please, you can’t leave me on this CLIFFY! Let me keep dreaming about it tonight! Finish the story!” Hmm. Ongoing episodic, “to be continued” dreams? Interesting thought, no? As if I don’t look forward to bedtime enough. XD

Also—I’ve started Latin! Yet another something I’ve always wanted to try. It’s been quite fun, actually. Being a “dead” language, it’s also really comforting to know there won’t be any requests for me to “Say something!” to that virtual-stranger-who-knows-the-language-fluently… (Spanish was a nightmare, that way.)

Oh, and Cami got a LJ account! *huggles sis* Friend her! (It won't let me put a link to her for some reason, but her username is Imbecamiel.) She’s way more sane than me, I promise! He he… Though she’s still working on the whole setting-up-and-posting-on-a-LJ thing, so it might be a bit before there’s much to hear from her. ;)  

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