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Birthdate:Jan 5
Location:Avon, Minnesota, United States of America

The basics about me:
I'm a Christian and home school graduate, now taking further classes online. Mostly, I'm drawn towards things to do with fiction writing or graphic design. I also have a love-hate relationship with cooking, but primarily enjoy baking bread and making chocolate-based desserts.
A few more details:
I tend to collect fandoms at a ridiculous rate—although Lord of the Rings will always be my “home fandom.” Tome-sized books are the best (the dictionary does, in a pinch). So is black coffee.
What I write:
Both fan fiction and original stories. For some reason, in fan faction, I've found myself obsessed with writing AUs involving what should by all rights be incomparable fandoms. My biggest writing goal is to someday finish the Roman/Carolingian era based historical fantasy novel that's been in the works for several years. Oh, and maybe even get it published. :)

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