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Just some random randomness...

- The allergic reaction seems to be going away.  Hurrah!  Maybe I won't be stuck using an  ice-packs when the next cold front moves in.  I'm VERY excited about the snow they're predicting by next Sunday. :D Yay for cold (as long as I'm not sleeping with an ice-pack anymore).

- I'm really starting to like the TV show Numb3rs. Now, that could be exciting, but you see, I'm still formally in denial. It's a phase I tend to go through with every fandom. Right now,  our whole family is really enjoying Stargate SG-1 (a fandom I also went through a phase of denial with), so it's probably not a good idea to "get into" another series at the moment. But--oh!--it looks so chock-full of brotherly  goodness I can hardly wait to see an episode! Yup, I haven't seen an episode yet. These days, when I'm in this particular state of denial, I prefer to surreptitiously go in the back door by casually reading fanfiction, and watching the occasional clip of it on YouTube... I mean, that way it's not like I'm really into it or anything, since it's not like I'm spending any money on it or anything--right? *g*

- We (my siblings and I) watch three kids every Wednesday, while their mom and ours have an afternoon together to talk. Today we're having a birthday party for Keegan, their 6 (now 7) year old. *bg* I haven't been to a kids' birthday party in so long, this could be kinda fun.... :)

So, I'm off to put the candles on the cake! *bouncy*

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I've had mysterious problems for several years with pain in my neck (no, not my little brother, he's a sweetheart :)). As a result, I usually bring an ice-pack to bed to put on my neck and numb it all up, so its easier to sleep.

Newsflash: Ice-packs and below-freezing temperatures do NOT mix well.

I really, really do enjoy cold weather as a rule, but the last thing I've wanted to do lately is snuggle up under the covers with my nice, cold block of ice. *shivers* So, naturally, as any (relatively) sane person would, I've only been using the ice-pack when my neck is really bothering me.

Then, of course, I have to break out in this lovely allergic-reaction type rash. (A rash, which I might add, neither my doctor-father, nor a podiatrist, have a clue as to the cause of...) And guess what? The only thing that keeps it from itching like crazy and keeping me up all night is--yup, you guessed it--an ice-pack. :P

And, of course, the rash can't be somewhere like my hand, which I could stick out of the covers without too much trouble. It has to be on both my heels. So now I am sleeping, in the middle of the winter,  with an ice-pack under my feet... Forget those nifty old bed warmers--the ones you fill up with nice, HOT embers from the fireplace? I'm a TRUE lover of the cold. *smiles wanly through chattering teeth* Oye, I don't think I'll ever quite thaw until spring...

*hunches off to find some hot coffee*


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