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This story was written in response to [ profile] tj_teejay's prompt over at [ profile] collarcorner.

Prompt: Peter is away for a few days (business trip, family emergency, ...) and El gets injured or sick or otherwise into a situation where she needs help. Neal to the rescue! Bonus points if you work in Satchmo as well. Mozzie's involvement would be welcome too.

To simplify things this story operates under the assumption that, even though it’s not officially within his radius, Neal's been cleared to visit the Burke's house because he's constantly winding up there, anyway. I hope you don't mind my blatant borrowing of the idea from you, [ profile] kriadydragon. *bows to your genius* ;)

This is the first WC fic I've ever posted, so... Mercy, plz? :3

The Shmoop! )

A big thank you to [ profile] imbecamiel for both editing and LJ-formatting this for me (how's that for an awesome editor?)! <3

(Whew. I had no clue it was going wind up being nearly four thousand words long. What can I say? Those rambling, shmoop-y plot bunnies grab me sometimes and won't let go. XD Hope it helps to satisfy your fic cravings, [ profile] tj_teejay!)
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Here's part two of the crossover!  I'm not even going to make excuses for it this time, because you've all been so wonderfully understanding of my authority foibles.  ^^ I would never have written more on this without all the encouragement. *hugs to all*

And hugs and dark chocolate to my sister/beta extraordinaire, [ profile] imbecamiel , who continually slaves away behind the scenes to make my stories presentable. <3

Story & dragon art 'neath the cut! )
Epilogue to come. :) 

Chapter 1
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With much trepidation, I present the fruits of my most recent writing spree... 

Really, I think credit for its creation belongs as much to Cami as to me, 'cuz she was the one who helped me sort out ideas. And, she's done some illustrations, too! Seriously, I am so spoiled between [ profile] cirtholien  showering me with her beautiful sketches, and [ profile] imbecamiel  always being so willing to draw me whatever weird creatures I come up with (and make them look ten times more awesome and real than I could've imagined them as looking). I was faltering halfway through writing this when Cami's lovely sketches buoyed me up. :D

Story--and dragon sketches!--beneath the cut. )

And now I have killer headache, from formatting this, on top of nerves. :3 I'll just go make dinner now...

Chapter 2
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Just some random randomness...

- The allergic reaction seems to be going away.  Hurrah!  Maybe I won't be stuck using an  ice-packs when the next cold front moves in.  I'm VERY excited about the snow they're predicting by next Sunday. :D Yay for cold (as long as I'm not sleeping with an ice-pack anymore).

- I'm really starting to like the TV show Numb3rs. Now, that could be exciting, but you see, I'm still formally in denial. It's a phase I tend to go through with every fandom. Right now,  our whole family is really enjoying Stargate SG-1 (a fandom I also went through a phase of denial with), so it's probably not a good idea to "get into" another series at the moment. But--oh!--it looks so chock-full of brotherly  goodness I can hardly wait to see an episode! Yup, I haven't seen an episode yet. These days, when I'm in this particular state of denial, I prefer to surreptitiously go in the back door by casually reading fanfiction, and watching the occasional clip of it on YouTube... I mean, that way it's not like I'm really into it or anything, since it's not like I'm spending any money on it or anything--right? *g*

- We (my siblings and I) watch three kids every Wednesday, while their mom and ours have an afternoon together to talk. Today we're having a birthday party for Keegan, their 6 (now 7) year old. *bg* I haven't been to a kids' birthday party in so long, this could be kinda fun.... :)

So, I'm off to put the candles on the cake! *bouncy*


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