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Here's part two of the crossover!  I'm not even going to make excuses for it this time, because you've all been so wonderfully understanding of my authority foibles.  ^^ I would never have written more on this without all the encouragement. *hugs to all*

And hugs and dark chocolate to my sister/beta extraordinaire, [ profile] imbecamiel , who continually slaves away behind the scenes to make my stories presentable. <3

Story & dragon art 'neath the cut! )
Epilogue to come. :) 

Chapter 1
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I'm so excited! *bouncy*

This morning I went to the "Creative Circle" I go to every second Monday, that meets at a cozy little local coffee shop not five minutes away from our house. Although the conversations are always interesting, and often inspiring, I run into the same brick wall I always run into while talking with other writers in "RL": they haven't a clue what fanfiction is. Usually, in addition to not knowing or caring much what fanfiction is, other writers I meet usually aren't much interested in fantasy, either--which happens to be my other, and inter-related, writing love. Needless to say, it's always disappointing to be unable to find a kindred spirit with which to chatter.  *sniffle*

BUT... At this latest meeting, I actually met someone who introduced herself to the group as... *drum roll* ...a FANFICTION author! *faints from the shock of it* I've never met anyone in RL who actually writes fanfiction :D Imbecamiel and could scarcely contain ourselves until the meeting was over. Once it was, we got to chatter with our fellow fanfiction writer to our hearts' content...

In addition, I recently heard that one of the guys at our church is writing a fantasy novel of his own (he's a Tolkien and C.S. Lewis fan, so I can only imagine where he got his inspiration *g*).  I have yet to interrogate him, of these days I may actually have someone to chatter with over fantasy writing as well. *squee*

- Nef (who's had waaay to much coffee and sleep this morning :D)




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