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Well, either today is going to end up being insanely crazy, as most Wednesdays are, or else it's going to be completely void of anything. Snows threatening again--lots of it. We got about 13 inches during the last storm, and they're predicting 9-15 (12-20 in other parts of the state) inches this time. So, we might be snowed in again (like it kept us in long last time, lol), and the people coming to our house might be snowed in at their own homes. If the snow isn't too bad, then we'll be having company over this morning, piano lessons in the afternoon, and a church home group coming to our house this evening.  It'll be interesting to see how things pan out...

Shucks, didn't get those pictures I was hoping to yesterday. Maybe I'll have Eric go out and take some after this storm (it's supposed to last into Friday...). At any rate, we'll certainly have enough snow to go sledding on. :D

I'm probably going to post this (or else Imbecamiel will) on the S.N.W.C.G. recs thread, but I just have to mention this fanfic author for anyone looking for a good Numb3rs fic. Her pen name is Serialgal  -- she is terrific, and wonderfully prolific (I would give a small warning for some language, though). Cami and I have both been enjoying her stories tremendously.

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Snow, and lots and lots of it... Yay! I've been waiting for a blizzard like this all winter, but the weather's either been too warm (thus making our lovely "snow" rain :P), or freezing and not snowing at all. But now we've got  oodles and oodles, and it doesn't look like it's going to be completely letting up until Wednesday. :D The best of it is that it's the weekend, so dad's home, and we actually get to be snowed in all together. If it gets worse, we might not even get in to church tomorrow, so Cami and I'll have to call and try to find someone to take over Sunday school for  us... Bleck. *hates the phone* (Have I mentioned that I have very odd phobias?)

WoOt! We got to see an episode of Numb3rs last night. I loved it but, but I do think we're going to have to wait until we're somewhat "done" with Stargate before really delving into it...  But it'll be nice to have something to look forward to later, and I'm really, really enjoying Stargate. ;)

Well, I'm off to couch-out completely this afternoon, and hopefully get some writing done... :)

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Just some random randomness...

- The allergic reaction seems to be going away.  Hurrah!  Maybe I won't be stuck using an  ice-packs when the next cold front moves in.  I'm VERY excited about the snow they're predicting by next Sunday. :D Yay for cold (as long as I'm not sleeping with an ice-pack anymore).

- I'm really starting to like the TV show Numb3rs. Now, that could be exciting, but you see, I'm still formally in denial. It's a phase I tend to go through with every fandom. Right now,  our whole family is really enjoying Stargate SG-1 (a fandom I also went through a phase of denial with), so it's probably not a good idea to "get into" another series at the moment. But--oh!--it looks so chock-full of brotherly  goodness I can hardly wait to see an episode! Yup, I haven't seen an episode yet. These days, when I'm in this particular state of denial, I prefer to surreptitiously go in the back door by casually reading fanfiction, and watching the occasional clip of it on YouTube... I mean, that way it's not like I'm really into it or anything, since it's not like I'm spending any money on it or anything--right? *g*

- We (my siblings and I) watch three kids every Wednesday, while their mom and ours have an afternoon together to talk. Today we're having a birthday party for Keegan, their 6 (now 7) year old. *bg* I haven't been to a kids' birthday party in so long, this could be kinda fun.... :)

So, I'm off to put the candles on the cake! *bouncy*


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