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(By the way, the avatar for this post was meant with complete irony: Charlie's a genious. Me...especally today...not so much. :P)

I come to post this afternoon feeling like an extreme idiot. An extremely pained idiot… Today started out lovely—sunny, warm, but not so warm that our beautiful snow would melt. Very nice out. And, my sister and I were going with our mom to a brunch and ladies’ get-together with some of the women from our church, and after that meeting the boys in town to see a movie (“The Ultimate Gift”—coincidently, it was a wonderful movie, I would highly recommend). All in all, it was looking to be a fun day. And then I left my bedroom. Yes, be afraid, be very afraid… 

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Well, my world's continued to be rather white lately, and very pleasantly unhurried and uninteresting (hense the lack of posts). However, last night, my mom, my sister, and I went to a "Coffee Class" at our local coffee shop (the same one we go to for our writers' group). 

It was really neat. The owner (our neighbor) showed us a video all about how coffee is grown, harvested, and roasted--I didn't realize quite how much work it is!  Since good coffee has to be grown at high elevation--which usually equals uneven terrain--they can't even use machines to harvest it. The weather is also hot all year-round in the places where coffee is grown, so, even on the same tree, the berries ripen at different times. That being the case, it has to be done manually in order to differentiate... Oye, but it looks like mundane work (I don't think I'll ever throw the dregs away again :). 


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