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I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but... I'm getting my hair cut! *dies*

I've been considering donating 10" to "Locks of Love" for a long time, but only just recently really set myself to do it for certain. Now, of course, that I've said I AM going to do it, I'm getting truly apprehensive... Guh. I still really think I should do it for more than one reason. I have over 20" of hair, so it's not as if I'm gonna have to get a pixi cut--but I'm just so used to having past-waist length hair! The thought of getting it cut is just plain traumatic. =S

Every time I work myself up to the point where I feel confident doing it, my thoughts go "'re talking about cutting the hair you've had pretty much all your life. Ah!" *insert panic attack*

Then, next day... "Nef. You said you were going to do this. People get hair-cuts every day. You can always grow it back out..."

*sniffles* It still feels like I'm saying goodbye to an old friend. Yes, 'tis very emotional. =/

When I was younger, I didn't take the best care of my hair, so I do have some pretty bad split ends. I'm looking at this as a sort of starting over, and I will still have fairly long hair. It better grow quickly though... 

Man, I think I need therapy. *sobs*

Thank God I have a sister to come along with me for emotional support. Okay...that is really pathetic-sounding. Emotional support for a hair-cut. *clings to Cami*

Man, and here I thought doing some ranting on here would strengthen my resolve. =P

Well...for now I shall distract myself from all that with writing, and Latin, and whatever else I can come up with... I think this is something I could easily procrastinate about my entire life. Heh. ^^

Oh, and on a quick not-so-distraught topic: Cami and I will soon have a brand new bathroom! Woo hoo! Of course, for the present we are mid-remodel, and are without our toilet, or shower, but the boys (Eric and our brother-in-law, who's a finish carpenter) are grouting the floor tiles today, and I'm extremely excited to see how it looks when they're done. Cami and I picked out a beautiful mosaic for the center. It kinda looks like elvish heraldry to me. *g* It has these lovely blue-ish stones in it, which should match the blue paint colors we picked out for the walls. No more grungy, ucky basement bathroom with peeling wallpaper and truly awful brown tiles--wee! =D Now to survive the noise and clouds of dust (that coats everything)... It's so fun to see things come together. =)
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