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I present to you a Neal Caffrey- WC-themed Pic/Gif Spam Party! 

What? You wanna be prison pen-pals? )

I wuv you, sis! And if you have any icon-related wishes--your wish is my command. :3
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This story was written in response to [ profile] tj_teejay's prompt over at [ profile] collarcorner.

Prompt: Peter is away for a few days (business trip, family emergency, ...) and El gets injured or sick or otherwise into a situation where she needs help. Neal to the rescue! Bonus points if you work in Satchmo as well. Mozzie's involvement would be welcome too.

To simplify things this story operates under the assumption that, even though it’s not officially within his radius, Neal's been cleared to visit the Burke's house because he's constantly winding up there, anyway. I hope you don't mind my blatant borrowing of the idea from you, [ profile] kriadydragon. *bows to your genius* ;)

This is the first WC fic I've ever posted, so... Mercy, plz? :3

The Shmoop! )

A big thank you to [ profile] imbecamiel for both editing and LJ-formatting this for me (how's that for an awesome editor?)! <3

(Whew. I had no clue it was going wind up being nearly four thousand words long. What can I say? Those rambling, shmoop-y plot bunnies grab me sometimes and won't let go. XD Hope it helps to satisfy your fic cravings, [ profile] tj_teejay!)
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 Here's the final installment of the story. Sorry it took so long, I've had a lot of things going on (including another weekend babysitting my little great-niece, Elle!). ;)

Epilogue )
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I found a hat I REALLY, REALLY like! *fistpump* It's a brown pageboy/conductor style hat, with little tarnished brass buttons on the sides.  I feel so instantly at home wearing it. <3 It was on sale, too, so I may have to go back and buy the black version for backup, because this kind of serendipity rarely happens to me when it comes to fashion. :D

Aaand, I found a cool black coat, too. At least I think its cool, though it does, admittedly, make me look a bit like a Russian spy, 'specially with the hat. *shifty eyes* But it's got a cool, tall collar, that's actually really very 18th century. (Doesn't come with a cravat, but it keeps your neck amazingly warm, nonetheless!)

*preens and finally haz warmfs*

Now all I need is calf-high boots. (Do any of you guys know where to get dressy women's boots without high-heels on them, or really pointy, uncomfortable toes? 'Cause I sure can't find them. I wouldn't mind a little heel so much, except it would do a number on my back to wear it for long. Meh.)

In other news, I've been writing more steadily lately. Not tons, but at least around 1k most days--and even when its less, it still feels wonderful to see it adding up. :) (Speaking of which, I keep meaning to post that last part of the Temeraire/HH crossover, and I keep forgetting. But I'll get there. :3)

Oh...and the laptop I was using to do graphic art on is dying. Well, technically (ohHAI pun!), it's working fine--it's the power cord that won't stay firmly plugged in. My other (middle-aged) laptop doesn't have the screen quality to design anything on. And...I just can't believe Behemoth is giving up on me, when we've only just found each other! *clings* (Yes, I name laptops things like "Behemoth." And, why no, I don't personify inanimate objects--whatcha looking at me like that for?  ^^) Granted, it is a behemoth of a monstrosity, and a hand-me-down that's got to be at least four years old--and, that being the case, I shouldn't have gone and gotten on such good terms with it--but it's been so nice for graphics. Wah

But, I have a hat. Life is good. ^^
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Here's part two of the crossover!  I'm not even going to make excuses for it this time, because you've all been so wonderfully understanding of my authority foibles.  ^^ I would never have written more on this without all the encouragement. *hugs to all*

And hugs and dark chocolate to my sister/beta extraordinaire, [ profile] imbecamiel , who continually slaves away behind the scenes to make my stories presentable. <3

Story & dragon art 'neath the cut! )
Epilogue to come. :) 

Chapter 1
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With much trepidation, I present the fruits of my most recent writing spree... 

Really, I think credit for its creation belongs as much to Cami as to me, 'cuz she was the one who helped me sort out ideas. And, she's done some illustrations, too! Seriously, I am so spoiled between [ profile] cirtholien  showering me with her beautiful sketches, and [ profile] imbecamiel  always being so willing to draw me whatever weird creatures I come up with (and make them look ten times more awesome and real than I could've imagined them as looking). I was faltering halfway through writing this when Cami's lovely sketches buoyed me up. :D

Story--and dragon sketches!--beneath the cut. )

And now I have killer headache, from formatting this, on top of nerves. :3 I'll just go make dinner now...

Chapter 2
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Limit? People limit themselves on re-reads? XD I think for me it's more a matter of how long I wait between re-readings. Sometimes I just re-read favorite sections of books, too, which seems like a good compromise. 
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Wot’s this? Egads! It’s a journal entry! O_O

Blogging/journaling is such a wonderful idea. In theory. I really do like doing it, too, but half the time my ideas for entries come to me right around the time mom starts telling Cami and I that we have to start on chores… By the time I’m sitting down to actually write something, I’ve mulled said idea over to the point where it’s unrecognizable. *looks mournfully at ded and mangled remnants of the thought-that-would-have-been*

So what you’re stuck with here is what is left of my mind after a Saturday of cleaning…

Anywho, I’m off to try and write a little more. And make another cup of tea. I’ve really gotten quite addicted to tea lately. *yum* Maybe I can convince Cami to bake some gingerbread with me, too… *veeery yum*


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I don’t know if anyone remembers, but a while back I mentioned having a particularly vivid dream—the closest I’ve ever had, I think, to having my subconscious construct a plausible story in chronological order. ^^


I was extremely excited about it, but unsure if it would actually make a good story once written out. So I’ve let it sort itself out for a while, and now, quite out of the blue, I’ve had ideas coming thick and fast. I do believe it wants to be full-blown novel. O_O Though far from writing itself, inspiration has been pretty easy to come by, and I’m having a ton of fun with it. 

Geeks Only: click on at your own risk )

In other news: I’ve started recording my mom’s book for her to put in her “booth” at an online homeschool conference. I thought I’d hate doing it (the sound of my voice on most recordings = much cringing), but I’ve actually really liked doing it, and Mom seems happy with it. And now I have to create a banner for it before the deadline too… 


The ongoing remodel (of super chaos- and disorder-causing powers): Just the hall (leading from our bedroom to the bathroom and the rest of the house) left to tile. Dust continues to fly, and Cami and I continue to be trapped either in or out of our room these days. But we do have a bathroom again, and it is lovely, which has been a cause for much celebration. Still, I can’t wait until the mess moves upstairs to the next bathroom, and we can move back down-stairs… =P

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Wee! I cut my hair! Huzzah!

You girls were absolutely right: I don't regret it at all! I feel a couple pounds lighter (this might help with the neck pain I've had, me thinks...), and this is going to give me a nice fresh start on maintaining healthier long hair. To top it all off, it's a wonderful feeling to know that, in any case, it's going to be doing someone some good.

More than regretting it, or anything, it just feels STRANGE. I'm so used to keeping track of where my hair is at--i.e. not being stepped on when I sit on the floor, or getting slammed in the car door--it feels like I've lost a limb or something. I just braided it, and when I came to the end of my hair it was unnatural to just stop there. It felt like it should keep going... Rather freeing, actually. ^^ Washing it is going to be so much easier now, too.

Yes, I'm quite euphoric about it. Thanks again for the emotion support you all provided, there, in my dilemma. ;-)

And...*drum roll*...Cami did it too! It was wonderful to do it together, like we do pretty much everything. *huggles her* She didn't have any time to accustom herself to the idea (she decided on the spot after I had it done), so I know she's having a bit more trouble than me coming to terms with it. But now we get to grow it back out together, and maybe donate again. *grin*

To top it all off, it looks like our bathroom might be finished as soon as tomorrow! *in Kusco-voice*: I'm so happy...

*is definitely on her "groove"*


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I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but... I'm getting my hair cut! *dies*

I've been considering donating 10" to "Locks of Love" for a long time, but only just recently really set myself to do it for certain. Now, of course, that I've said I AM going to do it, I'm getting truly apprehensive... Guh. I still really think I should do it for more than one reason. I have over 20" of hair, so it's not as if I'm gonna have to get a pixi cut--but I'm just so used to having past-waist length hair! The thought of getting it cut is just plain traumatic. =S

Well...for now I shall distract myself from all that with writing, and Latin, and whatever else I can come up with... I think this is something I could easily procrastinate about my entire life. Heh. ^^

Oh, and on a quick not-so-distraught topic: Cami and I will soon have a brand new bathroom! Woo hoo! Of course, for the present we are mid-remodel, and are without our toilet, or shower, but the boys (Eric and our brother-in-law, who's a finish carpenter) are grouting the floor tiles today, and I'm extremely excited to see how it looks when they're done. Cami and I picked out a beautiful mosaic for the center. It kinda looks like elvish heraldry to me. *g* It has these lovely blue-ish stones in it, which should match the blue paint colors we picked out for the walls. No more grungy, ucky basement bathroom with peeling wallpaper and truly awful brown tiles--wee! =D Now to survive the noise and clouds of dust (that coats everything)... It's so fun to see things come together. =)
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*crawls out of her comfy Introvert Hole* Hullo world!  =D 

Karate continues to be brutal, but I think I may survive the experience. Maybe. Yesterday, we spent most of the lesson learning self-defense moves (specifically, what to do if someone bigger and stronger grabbed you by the wrists or arms), and the first suggestion the teacher had was to spit in their face. Hehe, this is one I wouldn’t mind testing out on Eric (along with foot-stomping, screaming, and kneeing him)… No, honestly, I lurv my little brother. I do. *bg*

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No need for the obituary, or eulogy (lovely as I’m sure you guys would have written them…)Yes, I’m still alive and kicking! Literally. I just started karate lessons last week! (Yes, yes, go back and throw rotten fruit at the pun, now that you realize the depth of its lameness…XD) 

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Heh, me and journals... I always lapse into laziness fairly quickly ("No! You don't say?", gasps the general audience. :P).

Yeah, I'm not REALLY busy in RL, but I've had a ton to do online lately with responding to all the loverly reviews I've been getting for my stories. It was really, really stupid of me to post two stories at once, but I'm almost done with my second (non-LOTR) story. So, a little of the pressure will ease off after I put "The End" to that WIP (I am never posting a work in progress EVER AGAIN). Besides admining for the SNWCG, the LOTR RPG site I belong to is finally starting the game back up! YAY! I'm very excited about that. =)

In other news--I got Lymes disease! At least, it seems probable, since the antibiotics appear to be working. For a while there my left arm/wrist hurt too bad to use. Which is another reason for my lack of presence online lately. One mysterious ache down, ten more to go. But I'm going to see my physical therapist today, and I'm optimistically hoping she'll have found some miracle cure for chronic back-pain (and has been keeping it very hush-hush...for some reason).  I'm also going to go see the rheumatologist  too, some time this year, so if PT doesn't help, maybe he can... Yeah, I'll just be optimistic. =)

Oh good grief, this is going to sound whiney...but, I'm not making all these physical ailments up. Feel free to plug your ears, though.*g* I'm probably going to need glasses soon!  I'd really rather have contacts, just 'cause...I would. But I don't need eye infections on top of everything else, and my Mom's already prone to dry-eye problems, so I'm just not going there for the time being. Sometime, though, I think it'd be fun (in a freaky way) to get those cat-eye contacts, maybe in green.... *bg*

Anyways, that's the end of this hypochondriac’s account for now. I'm sure I'll be back with more injuries later. Hehe...

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Ick. The cold is still clinging. Seems to be going in this fun cycle: bad cough, sore throat, congestion, congestion/bad cough/sore throat--all together now! :P *weezesnifflemoan*

Anyways. We're leaving (again), to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where my dad gets his required annual  medical training.  The rest of us just tag along and spend the day shopping around town, getting lost, and generally having fun. :) Although, usually, we have to also do our state testing there (required by the state until you're 16), this is the first year none of us have to, since Eric's turned 16 now. (The state doesn't care if you're over 16 and stupid. *g* Not that passing those tests really proved you're all that smart...)  This time our goal is to shop until we find living room furniture. *groan* Amazing how many different tastes in furniture five people in the same family can have. LOL. Our living room has been doubling as a storage room for too long, though, so I hope we find something. What I'm REALLY looking forward to about this trip, is that the hotel we traditionally stay at has the SciFi channel... *bg*

The tree studio is really coming along! Eric's been taking lots of pictures, too, so I'll have post some on here when I get back. I've been up there several times, now, and it is going to be awesome. Of course, I'm really having to work on getting rid of any lingering fear of heights! The tree is located on the side of the hill, so one one side it's not too far down, but on the other side it's nearly 20 feet straight down, and just keeps on sloping all the way down to the stream below. Yup. I'm working on my previously undiscovered acrophobia... Once the boys get the railing up, I think I'll be able to enjoy the view with a little less vertigo. ;)

Ta for now!

P.S. Thank God seems to be up and running again! Hopefully, updates for The Weight of Power should be more reliable now (but I won''t be posting until after I get back from Mayo, in a little less than a week). For those of you who still haven't recieved the alert: chapter 11 is up. ;)

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Wow, it has been a while since I was on here... I just thought I'd just say a brief "hi" to my Internet Life again. :) 

Vacation was really a lot of fun--more fun than I thought it was going to be. I love vacations, of course, but there were two reasons I was kind of dreading going to Arizona. First of all, I usually have a ton of trouble sitting still in the car for so many hours. Its not that I get restless so much (although that happens sometimes too, when I've had too much coffee), but my back problems always seem ten times amplified when all I can do is SIT. :P Although I wasn't miraculously cured or anything, and my back and neck still hurt, I really felt blessed by God, and more relaxed than I usually am. I even slept well in several very noisy hotels. :)

Another reason I (and I think everyone else, too) was kind of dreading going, was that this was the first time we had been down there since Grandpa died (the reason we go to AZ anually is to visit him). My Grandma died when I was quite young, and Grandpa re-married ten years ago--so our step-Grandma feels every bit like family. Still, I think we were all kind of nervous it was just going to be...akward. But it was terrific. We really got to have some wonderful quality time with Grandma, especially us girls (Emily, me, Mom, and Grandma), while the guys did some handy-man repairs around the house. 

So, yes, it was fun. :D The most annoying thing was that I got a cold in the middle of it, and have since picked up yet another cold...which would be part of the reason for my absense on here. I try to keep that charming head-cold-activiated side of my personally to myself. *g*

Oh! But I have some exciting news I just have to share. I'm finally getting the tree-fort of my dreams! *clears throat* Erm, we're actually calling it a tree-studio. ;) So what if we're 18 and 20? Emily and I have ALWAYS wanted some kind of tree-house, so when the boys offered to build us one we jumped on the idea. So now we're going to have our very own elvish "flet" built in the nearest Mallorn tree (heh, I wish). We found the loveliest location: a gigantic oak tree overlooking a little valley with a stream, located not far from our house. It's going to be SO conducive to writing. *bg* Knowing the boys and their perfectinism, it's going to be really nice, too. I'm so excited! :) 

Well, I'm off to read about the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, work on my next HTML lesson, and hopefully find some time to write (I am on such a spree right now, I can hardly put my "pen" away at night).   
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 Yes--I'm accepted! :)

It doesn’t sound like I’ll be able to post many of my past stories, since they don’t meet their requirements, but I will be able to post “The Weight of Power”, at least. I’m not 100% about what else I will be able to archive—just sent back an e-mail asking for clarifications—so we shall see. It’s exciting in any case.

Oh, I must mention one thing, I found very encouraging in the acceptance e-mail. It said, “I [Nilmandra] do know several people who are reading your current story and have recommended it for SoA…” Wow, let me give a heart-felt thanks to those “several people” whoever you are! I appreciate the recommendation very, very much.

Since it does't appear that I'll be able to archive everything on SOA, I think I will start polishing and uploading stories to N&N as well. It will be nice to belong to a site where the staff actually care about your opinion, and respond to e-mails... (Michelle's terrific about both. ;)

Well, in celebration, I have two random (but hopefully interesting) things to post. Firstly, a music video for Josh Groban’s song “Don’t Give Up (You are Loved)". Everyone else has probably heard it (I’m always way behind on newly released music), but if you haven’t, you really should. :) Here’s the link for that:

And, here’s something neat that was sent through on the Aragorn Angst mailing list: http://www.bookblog .net/gender/ genie.html --- the “Gender Genie” analyzes your writing and tells you (supposedly) whether or not your style is more male or female. Kind of neat. (Apparently, from the part of my writing that I tested, I do write like a girl. *g*)

Heh, and yes, I realize neither of those links have anything to do with my post, or each other... LOL. Beginning to see where I got my nickname? *bg*

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I really should go on the S.N.W.C.G. and have a proper nail-biting session about this, but I thought posting here would do for now at least... IjustrequestedpostingrightsonStoriesofArda. *trembles* It's not that I'm actually nervous or anything--the worst they can do (and likely will) is refuse. But... *big sigh* would be so nice to have a site like that to post on, as opposed to It just looks so "safe", and sheltered, and comfortable, and selective--in a good way.

Maybe it's this latest flamer on that's got me so skittish (actually, I'm more aggravated with that "person" than afraid). The ugliness said person has created is making me rethink my archiving options, since in addition I’ve been seeing such a general downhill trend on Basically...I'm just hoping to have posting rights on SOA, so I have a second option. And I really don't feel like waiting three months to re-submit myself, only to possibly still not be accepted.  However, I'm just going to expect rejection (*sniiiifle*), but hope for a go-ahead. If I'm not accepted, I'm thinking I'll make HASA my "backup" archive, and/or Naice a Nilme ( They’ve been comfortable to navigate as a reader, so I think I’d probably like them as an author.

In all honesty, though, I don't know if I'll be able to kick my  Actually, it's the reviews I'm addicted too. *hangs head* I guess I've really gotten attached to the readers over there, and I think I'd feel rather lonely posting on some of these sites with out the kind of colossal support I’ve been receiving (I can’t believe, sometimes, how many reviews I’ve been sent for different stories!). But, that's a ways off, I think. I'm sticking in there for the time being. We shall see. Maybe will get new management (i.e. real honest-to-goodness PEOPLE instead of automated-message-sending-computers. GUH.).

Oh, and, by the way, the swelling starting going down yesterday and my ankle is doing just terrific today. *bounces about gingerly* For a while there, my other leg was beginning to hurt from all the extra use, so I've very happy to have my left one more-or-less back in working order. Plus I don't have to sleep with an ice-pack anymore. *cheers* All in all, though, I think this has been a wonderful experience. An author needs to experience injuries before dealing them out the characters, no? *looks sternly at Muse* Nooo, this does not mean I want a concussion next… However, I will be writing this experience down in my little book of “How to Write Realistic Injuries: A Collection of Real Life Experiences” *g*  

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(By the way, the avatar for this post was meant with complete irony: Charlie's a genious. Me...especally today...not so much. :P)

I come to post this afternoon feeling like an extreme idiot. An extremely pained idiot… Today started out lovely—sunny, warm, but not so warm that our beautiful snow would melt. Very nice out. And, my sister and I were going with our mom to a brunch and ladies’ get-together with some of the women from our church, and after that meeting the boys in town to see a movie (“The Ultimate Gift”—coincidently, it was a wonderful movie, I would highly recommend). All in all, it was looking to be a fun day. And then I left my bedroom. Yes, be afraid, be very afraid… 


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