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Wot’s this? Egads! It’s a journal entry! O_O

Blogging/journaling is such a wonderful idea. In theory. I really do like doing it, too, but half the time my ideas for entries come to me right around the time mom starts telling Cami and I that we have to start on chores… By the time I’m sitting down to actually write something, I’ve mulled said idea over to the point where it’s unrecognizable. *looks mournfully at ded and mangled remnants of the thought-that-would-have-been*

So what you’re stuck with here is what is left of my mind after a Saturday of cleaning…

I feel like I have a permanent coat of dust on my hands. Bleck. Me no like cleaning garages. There are too many spiders out there. Whenever we go out there for serious de-dirtifying everyone knows that if Rebekah (oh—that’s me minus my pseudonym for anyone who doesn’t know) jumps up and starts screaming bloody murder, she’s made friends with another arachnid. Or maybe just with a spider-like piece of floating pet hair. *shudders* Ickiness.

Somewhere in the midst of my sweaty cleaning endeavors, my hair got really frizzy (I always wash my hair on Saturdays, and it often goes “poof” on me =P), and for all my smoothing I can’t get this one curl to stay out of my face. Normally, I kinda like it when my hair gets curly, but this curl looks amusingly like Superman’s (you know, that ONE conspicuous curl he ALWAYS has come rain or total immersion?). Cami thinks it’s pretty funny. *strikes a heroic Superman pose*

Oh, right—writerly talk. The incredible, fantastic, can’t-stop-thinking-about-it, WHOLE WEEK Cami and I spent with Polly (kel_candelae) has left me inspired in so many ways. I can’t say I’ve been writing tons, exactly, but I am wrapping up a scene that’s been proving quite a bear to actually end. I really can’t figure out why it’s been so hard, either. The scene before it was rather action-oriented, and I really felt unusually satisfied with it, especially considering it was a rather pivotal bit of action. So maybe I’m craving another action scene? O_o

This scene I’m struggling to end is actually more the type I tend to speed through. A library setting, only two characters (too many and I have a hard time including everyone), some hurt/comfort-ish dialogue, and in the end—per Cami’s recommendation—the added fun element of a dog. All in all, I just don’t understand why it’s taken me as long as it has… I have my suspicions, though. Either it’s that action craving (doubtful), or a certain character didn’t enjoy being in the scene. Actually, I think neither of the characters enjoyed it that much. *eyes them warily* Well they’d just better get used to it… Harrumph.

Anywho, I’m off to try and write a little more. And make another cup of tea. I’ve really gotten quite addicted to tea lately. *yum* Maybe I can convince Cami to bake some gingerbread with me, too… *veeery yum*


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