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Wot’s this? Egads! It’s a journal entry! O_O

Blogging/journaling is such a wonderful idea. In theory. I really do like doing it, too, but half the time my ideas for entries come to me right around the time mom starts telling Cami and I that we have to start on chores… By the time I’m sitting down to actually write something, I’ve mulled said idea over to the point where it’s unrecognizable. *looks mournfully at ded and mangled remnants of the thought-that-would-have-been*

So what you’re stuck with here is what is left of my mind after a Saturday of cleaning…

Anywho, I’m off to try and write a little more. And make another cup of tea. I’ve really gotten quite addicted to tea lately. *yum* Maybe I can convince Cami to bake some gingerbread with me, too… *veeery yum*


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I don’t know if anyone remembers, but a while back I mentioned having a particularly vivid dream—the closest I’ve ever had, I think, to having my subconscious construct a plausible story in chronological order. ^^


I was extremely excited about it, but unsure if it would actually make a good story once written out. So I’ve let it sort itself out for a while, and now, quite out of the blue, I’ve had ideas coming thick and fast. I do believe it wants to be full-blown novel. O_O Though far from writing itself, inspiration has been pretty easy to come by, and I’m having a ton of fun with it. 

Geeks Only: click on at your own risk )

In other news: I’ve started recording my mom’s book for her to put in her “booth” at an online homeschool conference. I thought I’d hate doing it (the sound of my voice on most recordings = much cringing), but I’ve actually really liked doing it, and Mom seems happy with it. And now I have to create a banner for it before the deadline too… 


The ongoing remodel (of super chaos- and disorder-causing powers): Just the hall (leading from our bedroom to the bathroom and the rest of the house) left to tile. Dust continues to fly, and Cami and I continue to be trapped either in or out of our room these days. But we do have a bathroom again, and it is lovely, which has been a cause for much celebration. Still, I can’t wait until the mess moves upstairs to the next bathroom, and we can move back down-stairs… =P


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