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I present to you a Neal Caffrey- WC-themed Pic/Gif Spam Party! 

What? You wanna be prison pen-pals? )

I wuv you, sis! And if you have any icon-related wishes--your wish is my command. :3
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This story was written in response to [ profile] tj_teejay's prompt over at [ profile] collarcorner.

Prompt: Peter is away for a few days (business trip, family emergency, ...) and El gets injured or sick or otherwise into a situation where she needs help. Neal to the rescue! Bonus points if you work in Satchmo as well. Mozzie's involvement would be welcome too.

To simplify things this story operates under the assumption that, even though it’s not officially within his radius, Neal's been cleared to visit the Burke's house because he's constantly winding up there, anyway. I hope you don't mind my blatant borrowing of the idea from you, [ profile] kriadydragon. *bows to your genius* ;)

This is the first WC fic I've ever posted, so... Mercy, plz? :3

The Shmoop! )

A big thank you to [ profile] imbecamiel for both editing and LJ-formatting this for me (how's that for an awesome editor?)! <3

(Whew. I had no clue it was going wind up being nearly four thousand words long. What can I say? Those rambling, shmoop-y plot bunnies grab me sometimes and won't let go. XD Hope it helps to satisfy your fic cravings, [ profile] tj_teejay!)


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