Feb. 10th, 2011

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I found a hat I REALLY, REALLY like! *fistpump* It's a brown pageboy/conductor style hat, with little tarnished brass buttons on the sides.  I feel so instantly at home wearing it. <3 It was on sale, too, so I may have to go back and buy the black version for backup, because this kind of serendipity rarely happens to me when it comes to fashion. :D

Aaand, I found a cool black coat, too. At least I think its cool, though it does, admittedly, make me look a bit like a Russian spy, 'specially with the hat. *shifty eyes* But it's got a cool, tall collar, that's actually really very 18th century. (Doesn't come with a cravat, but it keeps your neck amazingly warm, nonetheless!)

*preens and finally haz warmfs*

Now all I need is calf-high boots. (Do any of you guys know where to get dressy women's boots without high-heels on them, or really pointy, uncomfortable toes? 'Cause I sure can't find them. I wouldn't mind a little heel so much, except it would do a number on my back to wear it for long. Meh.)

In other news, I've been writing more steadily lately. Not tons, but at least around 1k most days--and even when its less, it still feels wonderful to see it adding up. :) (Speaking of which, I keep meaning to post that last part of the Temeraire/HH crossover, and I keep forgetting. But I'll get there. :3)

Oh...and the laptop I was using to do graphic art on is dying. Well, technically (ohHAI pun!), it's working fine--it's the power cord that won't stay firmly plugged in. My other (middle-aged) laptop doesn't have the screen quality to design anything on. And...I just can't believe Behemoth is giving up on me, when we've only just found each other! *clings* (Yes, I name laptops things like "Behemoth." And, why no, I don't personify inanimate objects--whatcha looking at me like that for?  ^^) Granted, it is a behemoth of a monstrosity, and a hand-me-down that's got to be at least four years old--and, that being the case, I shouldn't have gone and gotten on such good terms with it--but it's been so nice for graphics. Wah

But, I have a hat. Life is good. ^^


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